Opposites - T.M.  Smith
"Marriage should be between a spouse and a spouse, not a gender and a gender." - Hendrik Hertzberg

in a distant future, Dr. Anthony Smith worked hard to ensure that injudicious breeding would no longer pose a threat to the survival of the human race. twins Aiya and Aiyan, of the ruling House of Gaeland and descendants of Dr. Smith, are about to meet their betrothed. in the days to follow, each of the twins would prove that "love is love" and it knows no gender...
author T.M. Smith's debut novel introduces the reader to a different world where gay and lesbian relationships are the norm and heterosexual relationships are not. it is an uncommon and daring story that explores how society has evolved especially with regard to same gender relationships.
from the get go, i was impressed with Ms. Smith's worldbuilding and her attention to detail as she talks about food, clothing and customs of this dystopian society. there are also many characters involved whose personalities are distinct and are as colorful as the garments they wear or the tattoos inked on their skin.
it took some time getting used to the flow of the story though as people and scenes suddenly shift from one to the next. however, i soon got past that difficulty and settled in comfortably to read the rest of the twins' story.
the sexual situations are very graphic but they are crucial to the storyline and in being true to the overall theme that love knows no gender. there are plenty of non-erotic moments as well. there is also humor in some pages involving Aiyan and Kaden and the couple's propensity for breaking things.
the best part for me, i think, was the middle to last part of the book. things got more exciting when conflicts arose, lives and loves were threatened and secrets were revealed.
although, this book was edited, i still think it could benefit from some further editing.
all things considered, i enjoyed the book. it may not be for everyone but its intended audience may enjoy it for its being unique, bold and highly imaginative.