Absorbed - Penelope Crowe
Change always comes bearing gifts. - Price Pritchett

Violet finds an exquisitely wrapped present left on her doorstep. the giver's identity remains a mystery. unwrapping the gift brings changes to Violet's life and to her relationship with her boyfriend Mike.
author Penelope Crowe's dark short story is a mesmerizing journey into a woman's psyche as she undergoes an eerie transformation.
Violet's tale is as hypnotic as it is chilling. at first, i looked at the mysterious gift as something symbolic or a metaphor if you will of Violet's metamorphosis. however, it turned out to be much more than that.
my heartbeat kept pace with the events as they progressed. i became unsettled and wary that something tremendous and unexpected was going to take place especially towards the end. when i read the last two lines, i felt goosebumps erupting all over my arms and neck as some of my suspicions were confirmed.
pardon the pun but this is undoubtedly an excellent and absorbing piece. once you read the story, you would know what i mean and if you have read it already, i think you would agree.