Truly, Madly, Deeply, You - Cecilia Robert
Sometimes, when you imagine a perfect guy ... you realize you've described a person you've known forever. - Unknown

Liese Hansfeld has an annual ritual. four days before Valentine's Day, she isolates herself from everyone in her life and mourns for the loss of her husband. this year, though, her best friend Freytag Meier decides to interfere and do something about it.
author Cecilia Robert's novella deals with friendship, grief, healing and love.
there are two issues that are at the heart of the book - Liese's mourning and Frey's falling in love with his best friend. there is not much conflict to speak of other than this character Ben who flirts with Liese and makes Frey jealously mad.
the language is contemporary and the setting is in Europe. i found the location interesting because i got to learn that young people are willing to be dressed to the nines and still attending balls out there.
the highlights of the story were the unraveling of Liese's pain and the realization that Frey and Liese's friendship was changing into something deeper.
even if the story was short, it was complete in itself. there may have been some cheesy moments for me but i guess a love story would not be one if it did not have those.

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