Notes to Self - Avery Sawyer
"...Jack fell down and broke his crown and Jill came tumbling after." - Traditional English Nursery Rhyme

Robin Saunders and her best friend Emily Sampson sneak inside the Fun Towne midway after midnight. they climb the maintenance ladder of the Sling Shot ride and are about five stories up when an accident occurs. they fall down and are rushed to the hospital. only one wakes up...
writing as Avery Sawyer, author Laura Schaefer's novel invites the reader to experience vicariously the slow and painful healing of a high school sophomore suffering from traumatic brain injury (TBI). Ms. Schaefer also presents realistically how people react and deal with those who are infirm.
Robin's pain clearly leaps off the pages especially from the small notes she writes to herself. we not only get to know Robin better but also those around her as bits and pieces of her memory come back.
although she has the support of her mother and friend Reno, Robin incurs the ire of a girl from school who blames her for the accident while other students laugh at her condition.
i commend Ms. Schaefer's prose. it flows smoothly from the first page to the last. she leaves out any superfluous details or medical jargon about TBI and allows instead her protagonist Robin to speak about it to us. this approach works well and is very effective in its delivery.
from the get go, i knew i had in my hands a beautiful heartfelt story and i was not proven wrong. i love everything about this book and its message of hope, love, forgiveness and letting go.
the last three lines were so unexpected that it choked me up. i would not be surprised if that happens to some of you as well.
Ms. Schaefer has done an excellent job and this novel definitely has my vote!