Sandman - Morgan Hannah MacDonald
"I understand that you've been running from the man That goes by the name of the Sandman..." - Sandman by America

Meagan McInnis is a magnet for jerks and creeps. despite her disastrous love life, she keeps herself busy with her work and enjoys the company of her girlfriends and her faithful canine companion Godzilla. when someone plagues Meagan with calls late at night, she realizes that her life could be in danger and that the mysterious caller could be the Sandman himself - a serial killer on the loose.
author Morgan Hannah MacDonald's book is a fast-paced thriller that kept me turning the pages from start to finish. the fact that the story was inspired by the writer's true-to-life experience of having dated a serial killer only piqued my curiosity further.
there are gritty elements and details which some readers might find too squeamish but they are necessary to the plot. i liked how the author balanced these by providing us with interesting main and supporting characters and their respective back stories. Meagan is strong-willed and independent. Homicide Detective J.J. Thomas is meticulous and hard-working. he also finds closure and a second chance at love when he meets Meagan.
i also liked the author's writing style especially when she gives the reader a trail of clues to follow and a list of suspects to trim down. Ms. MacDonald has a way of involving her readers in guessing the identity of the serial killer and she did not let me down.
i enjoyed every minute of my time reading this novel and i recommend it to those who love crime stories with a dash of romance.