The Midget's House - Anita Bartholomew
"It always amazes me to think that every house on every street is full of so many stories; so many triumphs and tragedies, and all we see are yards and driveways." - Glenn Close

Marisa Delano's elation at inheriting a house straight from the pages of a fairy tale book turns dismal and terrifying. there are expenses that need to be settled and other people want a piece of Marisa's house. moreover, Lucinda Lacey's ghost is reaching beyond the grave to stake her claim on the property as well.
author Anita Bartholomew's novel takes the reader on a trip down memory lane to the circuses and freak shows of the early twentieth century to modern-day Florida. the voices of Marisa and Lucinda alternate throughout the book. each woman tells her story and despite the differences in time and circumstances, both of them are bound by one single thing - a house.
i enjoyed reading about the early days of the circus and what the whole troupe had to undergo in order to make a living and entertain crowds across America. without demystifying the appeal circuses have for me, i also found amusing some inside information about them.
between the two women, i was more fascinated with Lucinda's character. i could just imagine the world she grew up and lived in as a midget. despite her stature, she comes across as a very strong person. she is equally vulnerable to taunts and ridicule because of her size but she remains confident and beautiful inside and out. in addition, her love affair makes the whole book interesting because the origin and secrets of the house are tied to it.
Ms. Bartholomew's writing really stands out whenever Lucinda speaks especially when she describes how Lucinda attempts to find her way from the other side to the world of the living. those interludes had a lyrical and dream-like quality to them.
overall, a good book with a good story and i would recommend it those who love the circus, enjoy a bit of romance and would not mind having a ghost thrown into the bargain.