From Russia With Blood - Michael J.  Lee
Russia is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. - Winston Churchill

Ian Redd used to work for the British Intelligence during the Cold War. after the Berlin Wall came tumbling down, no one wanted the services of a 400 year old vampire anymore. Ian then settled in a small town and things remained quiet until a professional hit team arrive at his doorstep. intrigued, Ian sets out to discover who or what wants him dead. along the way, he meets Larissa Barton - a ghost from his past.
everything about this book is fun! author Michael J. Lee has written a very enjoyable and refreshing story about a vampire operative. Ian is flawed and quite the sentimental fool. for me, these qualities make him a very interesting character.
in order to save the world, Ian and Larissa not only have to deal with their own pasts and memories respectively but they also need to use their wits and unique abilities in getting out of tight situations while confronting supernatural thugs. there is a lot of action involved and a bit of romance to spice things up as well.
i really liked the plot, the idea of a vampire spy and how the people and places were designed to form a connection which comes full circle in the last part of the book. i also like the author's writing style - simple, straightforward and without any superfluous details. this made for a fast-paced and exciting read from start to finish.
if the next adventure is as fun as Ian and Larissa's first one together, i certainly look forward to reading more about what is in store for this unique partnership between a vampire and a witch.

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