The Mystical Bloom - Cynthia Clark, Sean Clark
But I will come again To let you see… Life is but a circle, I will bloom Again next spring: Isn’t it a miracle? - Heather, Tulip Day (May 13)

among the animals in Woodsley Forest, Sir Hillary Snow Owl and his family have been appointed secret guardians of a mystical tulip bulb. it blooms once a year during the Summer Solstice Celebration. one autumn, a severe storm floods the forest, destroys homes and displaces many of its inhabitants. while saving Brittany Bunny, Sir Hillary loses the bulb and almost his life. the tulip bulb must be found at all cost and planted safely in time for it to bloom next summer. if not, everyone in Woodsley Forest is doomed forever.
The Mystical Bloom, published by Dorrance Publishing is a lovely fable written by Cynthia Clark and her husband Sean Clark with contributions from their three daughters.
it is rich in detail and filled with endearing characters such as the Great Stag of the Forrest, Chelsea Coyote, Thomas Turtle, Belinda Blue Jay and Brittany Bunny. my favorite one is the "villain" Wendell Weasel. his character was the best developed among the others.
there was mention also of a love angle with one of the main players which i found amusing but it was realistic in the sense that it spoke of a species' preservation and perpetuation.
i noticed, though, that there were no chapter breaks. the story just went on and on. younger readers may find the absence of chapters tedious as they plow through the book. it could benefit with the addition of chapters or breaks and some minor editorial rework.
other than these observations, i enjoyed The Mystical Bloom. it was light reading for me but the lessons it imparted made me look again at how precious and interconnected life is in this world - single or multicelled it may be.

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