Night and Chaos - Naomi Clark
"Then from his body of the glory to God he created the Devas, who took the body that became the shining daytime. The Devas possessed the glory of goodness and allegiance to God. Then from his buttocks he produced the Asuras who were lustful and approached him for sex. Brahma then cast of the body from which he had produced the Asuras." - Brahma Creates The Non-Human Races

Ryan McCarthy thought she left everything behind - her lover Ryan, her father Fraser and what she has become as a result of his strange experiments at Applied Paranormal Theory and Tactics (APTP). when she gets kidnapped and tortured by a former APTP employee, she finds herself back in the world she never wanted to be a part of anymore.
i found this book strange yet compelling somehow. one major difficulty i had, however, was understanding why a father would want to mix science and the supernatural and use his daughter in his experiments. i had a lot of questions while reading that went unanswered. everything seemed hush hush despite the fact that Ryan was obviously in danger. if i were in the same situation as her, i would want to know why and what or whom i would be dealing with. Ryan's father appeared not to care so much about his daughter's welfare. or if he did, he certainly had a different way of showing it. when they got reunited, i thought he would be so concerned. instead of keeping her safe and away from the people pursuing her, he sends her on her way again.
the opening chapters were gripping though and so were the last ones. it was in the middle part where my interest slackened a bit and was replaced by a few niggles.
despite these, i also have to admit that generally i liked the book. i hope my other questions would be resolved in Blood and Bones - the next installment.
author Naomi Clark has written a gritty urban fantasy cum paranormal romance. her idea of introducing devas and asuras was refreshing and brilliant - a far cry from the usual vampires, werewolves and other shapeshifters that i get to read about.

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