The Legend of Michael - Lisa Renee Jones
Knights of the spirit; warriors in the cause
Of justice absolute 'twixt man and man.
- Richard Watson Gilder

somewhere in Nevada, a top secret military operation called Project Zodius exists. ordinary human soldiers are converted into efficient killing machines after being injected with alien DNA. Cassandra Powell, daughter of General Powell, takes over the job for the former head of Clinical Psychology. she meets and pairs up with Michael Taylor. he is one of the GTECHs or Super Soldiers with skills and abilities that set him apart from the rest. his fellow GTECH Adam Rain stages a mutiny that splits the soldiers into two groups - Zodius and Renegades. Cassandra is devastated when Michael joins Adam. two years later, Cassandra finds herself working in a German military hospital. she is off to a new start with her life when her father suddenly shows up asking for help. dutiful as ever, she flies back to the United States without realizing that her nightmare is about to begin.
the book is divided into two parts. the first section provides a detailed background of Project Zodius and the people involved. the second part is where things get really interesting. there is also a very useful glossary that helped a lot with the terms used throughout the novel. i had to think of the Renegades though as "Renegoods" just so i would not confuse them with Zodius - the bad guys.
notwithstanding some of the soldiers' supernatural abilities as a result of something alien infused into their systems, i found the characterization quite realistic. it seems that good and evil are part and parcel of everyone's genetic makeup and choices play heavily in every action that we do:
- Michael's emotional struggles contrast with his physical strength and test his loyalty.
- Cassandra's sense of familial duty makes her naive and blind to the truth.
- General Powell's greed compels him to be self-righteous.
- Adam's power trip leads him to degenerate further.
overall, i had fun reading The Legend of Michael. "wind-walking" - what it is and how it is done - is one of the most brilliant concepts i have ever encountered.
i have to give credit to author Lisa Renee Jones' imagination in building a world where conspiracy, secrets, betrayal, passion and ambition are fused together in this part sci-fi, romance, suspense thriller.

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