Irish Moon - Amber Scott
May thy light be fair to me! May thy course be smooth to me! - New Moon , an Ancient Celtic Poem

Lady Breanne O'Donnell is learning the ways of the Druid but her mentor Heremon is murdered before she could even complete her training. that fateful night, she finds a stranger - feverish and may be dying. she then takes care of him and hides him from prying eyes.
Ashton Sinclair, a Knight Templar, is on a clandestine mission. he is also fleeing from the Church's persecution. his path and that of Breanne's will cross so many times but they must learn to trust each other if they wish to succeed against an unknown enemy in their midst.
this is Amber Scott's third story that i have read. the first was Play Fling and the second one was Just Desserts. i must say that i am impressed with her writing. Play Fling and Just Desserts were contemporary romances with a dash of magic. Irish Moon is a historical romance with more than a dash of magick (no typo here!) as well. the former two and the latter are worlds apart in setting and plot but what binds them together is the author's brilliant use of the English language and her rich imagination.
it took me a couple of chapters to get accustomed to Bree's world due to a sprinkling of "old" English words and the way sentences were structured. this did not deter me, however, from reading further. it rather amused and impressed me so much that i could not stop until i was done with the book.
there were surprises here and there that caught me unaware. i was proven wrong with my suppositions a number of times much to my delight. only a brilliant writer could get away with that!
the main protagonists and other players are so well-developed that i could picture each one in my mind as i read along.
i highly recommend this book to fans of historical fiction and romance and i hope you would take great pleasure in reading it as i did.

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