Spiral X  - J.J. Westendarp
"Vampires and drugs don't mix." - aobibliophile™

Plast is the new Extasy but far more dangerous and deadly. it has found its way onto the Dallas metroplex. Cheryl Erikson is a Vampire Hunter out to get those involved in the drug's proliferation. with the help of her best friend Virgil, fellow Hunter Tank, FBI agent Fasano and the mysterious Hunter Rev, she fights the vampire Arthur and his minions and faces the demons that threaten to consume her life. if that isn't a handful, she needs to find out as well who ordered a contract out on her head.
J.J. Westendarp has written an interesting take on the vampire hunter story. his characters - the human ones - could be anyone in your neighborhood who go about their daily business. the difference is that when night falls, they take on the role of deadly crime fighters.
Cheryl, the main protagonist, tells the story in her point of view. despite the skills she exhibits as a Hunter, Cheryl is a vulnerable sensitive young woman facing trauma from the loss of those people closest to her. when she crosses the line for the first time, she is shocked at herself. she constantly struggles with her feelings but this only motivates her further to continue her fight against the Underworld. she later learns the answer to her question - if the end justifies the means.
at certain moments in the book, i initially found all this self-analyis cum emotional psychobabble distracting or cumbersome but i later realized that it was critical to Cheryl's growth as a person and her desire to be a Hunter. i advise readers then to be a little gentle with our heroine. to know Cheryl is to understand her from within and from without.
Spiral X is a paranormal thriller with a cast of hardened drug dealers, shady informants, evil vampire thugs, nosy cops and suave vampire hunters. the author has injected his novel with fight scenes, surprising twists and turns and a little bit of drama. overall, i enjoyed reading this book. it seems like a sequel may be in order and i look forward to one.
move over Buffy. Cheryl Erikson has just grabbed your seat and crown. it looks like she is here to stay for good. care to partner up?

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