Pandora's Succession - Russell Brooks
"We're opening up a Pandora's box. Be careful what you wish for."
- James Waters

Ridley Fox works for the CIA. he is haunted by his fiancé's death and vows to find her killers - The Arms of Ares. this sinister league has managed to obtain Pandora - a hyperdeadly microbe. Fox travels all over the world as he tracks and hunts down the consortium's members and their nefarious activities. he must stop the group from releasing Pandora in its bid for world domination.
i like it when main protagonists are portrayed as flesh and blood people and not as bullet-dodging superheroes. vulnerability is one trait that i find endearing in a character. for me, it makes him or her more real and therefore more interesting - just like Ridley Fox.
though adept at hand-to-hand combat and a skilled marksman, Fox is emotionally scarred and this is his biggest Waterloo. in order to save the world and heal himself, he finally realizes that the past is past and the dead stay dead. he then lets go of the heavy baggage he carries, sets aside his feelings and overcomes his weakness.
Pandora's Succession is an action-packed fast-paced thriller filled with assassins, double agents, mad scientists and covert operatives. do not be fooled by the labels though. who really were the good guys and the bad ones will keep you guessing until the end.
Russel Brook's first novel is a roller coaster ride guaranteed to make you stay glued to your seat till the last page. i bet the explosive conclusion will make your jaw drop as i have.

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