Lady Susan - Jane Austen
" I'm not actin'! I'm not actin'." - Joan Crawford, Mommie Dearest (1981)

her disreputable conduct at Langford forces recently widowed Lady Susan Vernon to flee to the sanctuary of Churchill, home to her brother-in-law Charles Vernon and his wife Catherine. much to Catherine Vernon's consternation, her domestic tranquility is further distressed by the arrival of her brother Reginald de Courcy and later, by the appearance of Lady Susan's daughter Frederica.
Jane Austen wrote Lady Susan around 1794 and it was posthomously published in 1871.
from the get go, i had fun reading this epistolary novel. it had all the ingredients of a soap opera - scandals, deceptions, affectations and the ubiquitous twists and turns. i could very well visualize each character in my mind as i read along - from the eponymous "most accomplished coquette in England", the besotted gentleman, the anxious yet discerning sister-in-law, the despised and neglected daughter to the conniving confidante/devil's advocate.
although it was a short and quick read and very different from the way Austen usually portrayed her lead female characters , i was still impressed by her writing.
Austen's ever present wit and colorful characterization entertained me from start to finish. i also had no problem with her epistolary presentation. in fact, i love it and am comfortable with it.