Broken - Jemima Valentino
“It is devastating to be abused by someone that you love and think loves you in return.” - Dianne Feinstein

Louise and Christopher have been sweethearts since they were sixteen. one rainy night, an inebriated Chris proposes marriage. Louise accepts. her nightmare has just began...
this is a very timely read for me. last weekend, an amateur video of a man physically abusing his wife of fourteen years was aired over one of our local TV shows. it was one of the most horrible and violent scenes i have ever witnessed in my life.
the author claims that Broken was inspired by a true story and based on what i saw, i am inclined to believe her. this is indeed a story that five women in my country experience daily according to 2010 statistics. it is a story that thousands of women all over the world go through. unfortunately, it is also a story that we turn our backs on or dismiss easily.
domestic abuse exists everywhere and the author has brought her character Louise's predicament to the light. Louise survives her ordeal when we meet her. lying in her hospital bed, she allows us into her mind, her pain and suffering as she relives her nightmare.
this is quite a disturbing read. i cringed at the decscription of her injuries which were "similar to those sustained by road traffic accidents." aside from this, another thing which was distressing were lines from a song which played endlessly in her head - a funereal counterpoint to her emotional and mental wanderings.
despite the short story's intense subject matter, i give this a thumbs up. i have read the original 8-page version when it was first released as a free read at Smashwords. this expanded account filled in the gaps and heightened the drama, horror and reality of abuse. kudos to Jemima and her editor Philip Ellis for a job well done!

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