The Hate - S.L. Pierce
"Revenge is sweet and not fattening" - Alfred Hitchcock

Lisa Mills lost her daughter Amy to Ray Smutres, a registered sex offender. at the trial, Ray is acquitted of the crime. in a fit of rage, Lisa drives her car into Ray's home and attacks him. Ray screams attempted murder and will only drop charges on one condition - Lisa must commit herself to stay at a mental hospital. she acquiesces to the demand. then Lisa disappears without a trace. a year later, those who prey on the innocent start showing up dead.
S.L. Pierce is a writer to watch. her protagonist Lisa simply puts blood splatter pattern expert Dexter Morgan to shame.
as a bonus, she includes another short story about revenge. initially, i thought it was a follow up to the previous one but both are unrelated. The Manhunt deals with another woman on the run for killing the most powerful leader in the world. i totally loved this one as well!
i could not believe how these short stories affected me so much. i was blown off my seat when i was done reading them. i literally had to pause and catch my breath. they were gritty, raw and very visceral. i was so impressed with the writing that i turned to Google for more information about the author.
i really hope that S.L. Pierce stays on top form with her future work. she definitely made a lasting impression on me with The Hate and The Manhunt.

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