The Adventures of the Three Angels - Luis Feliciano
Come live in my heart and pay no rent. - Samuel Lover

On the seventh day of Creation, God rests and sees that all is good. He looks around to see what else is needed and from His Heart draws forth Love. He summons three angels - Gabriel, Daniel and Michael and shows them Love. God then tells them to place it where His creation would look last to find it. each angel accepts the task and searches for a location. after some time, they finally find the ideal place to hide Love.

this 32-page illustrated book is so simple and unassuming but it struck me with its profound message. i read it twice in one sitting and as i reflected on it, i came up with the following questions/insights:
* how often do we really take time to pause and look at the beauty around us?
* have we ever at least stopped once from our busy and stress-filled lives to appreciate our surroundings and be thankful that we are alive despite life's challenges?
* when we face a mirror, have we really looked at ourselves and love what we see or are we so conscious of the wrinkles that were not there before?
* are we always in a hurry to go somewhere because we might be late for our appointments or work and would not want to get caught in the rush hour?
* have we really listened to our loved ones when they had something to say?
* do we spend quality time with our parents, siblings and children?
* have we gone out of our way to do something worthwhile to ease someone's pain and suffering either by sharing our goods or by simply being with them?
* why is it that we see but fail to look, hear but not listen, touch but not feel?

Luis Feliciano's The Adventures of The Three Angels, published by Dorrance Publishing, is another wake up call and a reminder for me that sometimes the things we look for are simply staring us at the face or just under our noses. more often than not the answers we seek are just within ourselves.

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