way back then, in my hometown, our grade school library had only one complete set of each - 64 titles for Nancy Drew and 66 for the Hardy Boys. 


it took me two years to read all of them. the books were almost always out and you had to be quite clever to be able to borrow two at one time. my classmates and i thought it was cool to be carrying these books around and being seen reading them. we would swap books and also compete with one another to see who got to finish everything first. 


i owe a lot to these books of my childhood. among other things, they sparked my interest in mysteries, thrillers and suspense novels. they were also partly responsible for my no-intervention-needed book addiction or what i term as my "biblioddiction."


it is funny though. i read both collections but i never owned one copy. i need to shell out about $500 plus at Amazon if i want to have them all. if i had the money right now, i would not hesitate to place my order. 


if you are of the same generation as me or close to it, have you read these books by Carolyn Keene and Franklin W. Dixon as well? do you have the complete sets or own some at least?