Unexpected Homecoming - James A. Henderson

Benjamin Andrew Wilson is back home to Carver City after losing his job  and Lucas who he thought was the love of his life. after two weeks of  allowing Ben to wallow, his grandmother Pearl takes him along to her Bingo game then volunteers him to bring her friend Doris' dog Reggie to the vet. Ben obliges the ladies and meets his first high school crush at the clinic. Matt is now Dr. Matthew Campbell. Matt remembers Ben and likes him a lot but Ben is hesitant. could he risk going through falling in love then getting hurt the second time so soon?

this has been another sweet, well-written story about losing love and finding it once more in a place where Ben, our main protagonist, "swore he'd never do more than visit again." everything was perfect and i felt good after i read the whole thing.

aside from Ben and Matt, it was Ben's grandmother that stood out here. she was such an endearing character and i love her for being so supportive and caring as only grannies can. together with her friends, Pearl's  attempts to set up her grandson with other "eligible" men added humor and lightness to an already engaging read. her friend Judy was also quite a character and i wish she were given more coverage. at the end of the story, though, Judy made a remark that made me laugh silly. 

Pearl, in her wisdom, said to Ben: "My point is that you can't let one lousy experience dictate your entire life. Everyone gets their heart broken a time or two. It just makes finding the real thing that much sweeter."

she was right . Ben's unexpected homecoming to get away from it all, to forget, to heal, to smile, to begin a new life and learn to love again bore fruit.


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