i have been reading a lot of books last month - trying to live up to my claims of "being a true blooded bibliophagist and bibliobuli!" however, i only managed to do a few reviews and there were some books/reviews that i did not finish on time.


majority of the books i read were of the short variety - short stories, novelettes or novellas. it wasn't much but still, i did better somehow compared to July's total:

How to Speed-Up your Windows PC like it's brand new again: Easy steps anyone can do to make your computer as snappy as it was the day you bought it! (Computer tips Book 1) - Kevin Meininger  War of Rain - H. W. Vivian  HEALING FIRE - Sean Michael  Secrets - Grace R. Duncan  Unexpected Homecoming - A.J.  Henderson  Slithers: A Dark Sci-Fi Short Story - Jack Robuck  Scarlet Ambrosia: Blood Is The Nectar Of Life - David Gittlin  These Broken Worlds: A Mini-Kōsalogy of Flash Fiction Stories - Ally Bishop,Jessica Pallington West,Woelf Dietrich,Pavarti K. Tyler,J.M. Kelley  Three Houses Down - Susanna Hays  Love Over Lamb: The Unconditional Love Series - J.M. Steger  Rise Of A Wizard: The Alistair Chronicles (Gay Romance mm Series Book 1) - John Leddy  Sapatos - Arch Bala  Chalk - Lashawn Darice Jordan  Thea's Fate: A Loves of Olympus Novella - Sasha Summers  The Eyes of the Dragon - Stephen King  J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit & The Lord of the Rings: The Life and Legacy of the Author and His Books - Charles River Editors  A Positive Outlook - Charles Z Doilain  


from the BookLikes giveaways, i won:

Dark Legion - Paul Kleynhans  Spindle - W.R. Gingell  Shadow Core - The Legacy - Licinio Goncalves  Forevermore: Explore the Mystery Embellished Version - Jim Musgrave  The Polish Discovery: The Society of Orion 1-3 (Volume 1) - Gerald J. Kubicki,Kristopher Kubicki  The Untold Unlocking of Secrets - James Jean-Pierre  

plus Amy Smith's Dog World by Professor Jim Musgrave and

The Basilisk's Creed: Volume One by Eme Strife


over at Ҟ M Ҟ™ book club, we finished our first book by S. ҞING

The Eyes of the Dragon - Stephen King 

and we're having ӍcСѦӍӍѺИ this month:

Stinger - Robert R. McCammon 



i'll be catching up on a lot of stuff this September so here's wishing everyone 'long days and pleasant nights.'