Picture (Im)perfect - J.S. Frankel

after several attempts, i finally contacted the author of this book and received a copy for review. i started reading this late at night on September 3rd and got as far as Chapter 5. last night, i went to bed early and continued where i left off and did not stop - could not stop until i was done.


i will do a proper review with my corresponding rating before or on September 8th when the book is released at Amazon.


in the meantime, check out the book's description below and read an excerpt posted on the blog Spectra here:


Nolan Goodman, star swimmer for Portland High, meets Mia Swarva at a swim meet and thinks he’s found his perfect girlfriend. They start dating, things are going well...and then he finds out that Mia was born Mark, and his concept of what constitutes relationships not to mention sexuality goes out the window. However, Mia has that certain something about her, and Nolan does his best to understand as he genuinely cares for her. Their relationship develops after a series of stops and starts, but when Mia is inadvertently outed on a social website, she and Nolan have to run the gamut of emotions as well as deal with the inevitable reaction to her being transgender. It is only then, that Nolan learns the true meaning of commitment.