Midnight At Herlong Manor - Sherrie Bain

it turns out this novella is the first of a series.


it started with some background information on how our MC Gideon Spencer got himself a job as head curator of the Bates Natural History Museum, found himself hooking up with his ex-girlfriend Avery Archer then meeting an English explorer until Gideon and Avery end up staying at the Herlong Manor. from there, the story leads the reader to a series of bizarre events that are the stuff of nightmares. they were actually creepylicious and filled with mayhem and gore.


unfortunately, the whole book was poorly edited. the story had its moments but the missing words, wrong word choices, typos, etc. were a mood killer. they were all over the place!


i am still giving this two stars though because i did like it despite the horror of finding too many errors. it just needs to be cleaned up.