September went by so fast for me! i managed to read and review better last month though and i hope to maintain the same record or surpass it this October:

Picture (Im)perfect - J.S. Frankel  An Iranian Metamorphosis - Mana Neyestani  Turning 16 - Perie Wolford,Michelle Doering  Feast of Fates (Four Feasts Till Darkness) (Volume 1) - Christian A. Brown  Sam Dorsey And His Dirty Dancing (Book 2 in Sam Dorsey And Gay Popcorn series) - Perie Wolford,Michelle Doering  Sam Dorsey And His First Days In College (Book 3.1 in Sam Dorsey And Gay Popcorn series) - Perie Wolford,Adriana D'Apolito  Sin Eater (Episode 1.1): Dark Urban Fantasy Serial - Jessica West,PK Tyler  The Disenchanting of Princess Cerridwen: A Tale from Adalonia - Angela Korra'ti  Midnight At Herlong Manor - Sherrie Bain  Prize Bucks - Matthew Keville  Feast of Dreams (Four Feasts Till Darkness Book 2) - Christian A. Brown  Chad Stinson Goes for a Walk: A short tale of obsession and possession - Shawn Inmon  Eating the Moon - Eleanor Kos  Chocolate Uncle: A Short Story - Roji Abraham  The Last Lesson - David Xavier  Thrill Kill Part One - Ann Savage  Sin Eater (Episode 1.2): Dark Urban Fantasy Serial - PK Tyler,Jessica West  In Death and Darkness - Kendall Frost,Caelan White  


from the BookLikes giveaways, i got:

The Untold Unlocking of Secrets - James Jean-Pierre  Of Royal Descent - Ember Shane  BLEED - Dax Varley  Lust - Catarina Linhares  Doctor-Patient Confidentiality Vol. 1 - Eme Strife  Broken People - Ioana Visan  City of Masks: An Epic Fantasy Novel - Ashley Capes  Flight 505: a novella - Leslie Bohem  Poems for Mom - Aubrey Durkin  Into the Mind of a Killer: A Diagnostic Battery of Charles Manson - Aubrey Durkin  Fur, Fangs and Secrets - Katie GattoRise of the Storm (The Desolate Empire) (Volume 1) - Christina Ochs  Sparked - Lily Cahill  The Winged Turban - Joshua Grasso  Life Of A 'prayer - Midu Hadi  The Cat Who Spied On Me (The Secret Life and Career of Arlo the Barncat) - Jane Oldaker 


a few books made it midnight of September 30 - freebies for signing up with Curiosity Quills Press review program and winning a giveaway courtesy of DarkFuse through Char's blog but i'll be blogging about these titles in the next couple of days so stay tuned for those!


meanwhile, i have already plotted out my October calendar earlier and it looks like i'm going to be busy again but happy nonetheless.


here's wishing everyone more long days and pleasant nights!