Spanish Bay - Hans M. Hirschi

“I am more than my scars.” - Andrew Davidson, The Gargoyle


Christopher Titus Miller rescues Neil Joseph Horner from bullies. sparks fly the moment they meet and soon, Chris and Neil fall for each other. but nothing is picture perfect as their relationship grows and deepens. challenges come from left and right, testing their mettle and their love. will there be a happy ending in sight for both?


picturesque Carmel-by-the-Sea in Monterey County, California offers the perfect background for the novel Spanish Bay. within this European-style village nestled above a white-sand beach, Chris and Neil find each other and fall in love.


whether individually or as a couple, Chris and Neil have to face so many difficulties. i could not help but admire both for their spirit and resilience especially Neil who is bound to a wheelchair because of Kugelberg-Welander Syndrome. Chris, too is such an exceptional human being who sees beyond another person's imperfections or disability. i also admire their families and closest friends for the support and love they give from the get go.


everything may sound too good to be true but i do know that people and scenarios like those portrayed in the story exist in real life. there are shades of ugliness and sadness yet there are also bursts of beauty and joy to balance the equation. that is what really endeared me to Spanish Bay. it was as real as one can get in a book.


this is the first time i have read a novel by the author and i devoured the book with gusto from cover to cover. i must say that i was very impressed by the quality of the writing, the plot and character development. despite the occasional teary-eyed moments, i felt good when i was done reading and i did not want to say goodbye to Chris, Neil and their families just yet. i wanted to stay a little longer but alas, i had to take my leave in the end.


if you're longing to read an mm romance:
• that's wholesome
• a bit unconventional
• without too much angst or histrionics
• and would make you feel good again about the world in general and believe in the kindness of people in particular,


then i highly recommend this latest novel from Hans M Hirschi. just remember to keep a box of tissues handy!



*received an ARC for review