The Beginning - Robin Badillo
Hunting is not a sport. In a sport, both sides should know they're in the game. - Paul Rodriguez

Thorne Abbott is on a hunt. for eleven years, he has been searching for the vampire responsible for his father's brutal murder. a chance encounter with Raven Prince in a small-town bar brings him closer to his quest and to a revelation he was not prepared for.
writing about vampires is definitely a challenge for any writer in an already saturated market. when i picked this book for review, i was expecting something fresh and exciting and i was not altogether disappointed.
author Robin Badillo's first book in The Blood Hunter series kept me glued for hours. i was so caught up in the story that i hated to take leave of Thorne, his cousins Brett and Hayden, his Uncle Pierce and especially Raven and her coven.
i found some original ideas here that made me smile and nod my head a few times. there were a couple of instances which i thought were predictable but i was in for a handful of major surprises as the story raced to its conclusion. i definitely did not see those twists coming and they packed a whole lot of punch!
there are steamy scenes and graphic language here. i would not label it as erotica though. paranormal romance, perhaps, would be close enough.
i really enjoyed this first book and i am so glad i have the second one already just waiting to be read or i would have felt restless especially after knowing that...
if you want to know how things went with Thorne, Raven and the rest of the characters, you have to grab this book!

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