In Search of Lucy - Lia Fairchild
There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. - Anaïs Nin

Lucy Lang is consumed by hurt, anger and sadness. her sister Katie left Lucy after everything she did for her. despite being a talented artist, thirty-year old Lucy now works as a receptionist in a nail salon. she tolerates the company of people who consider her a friend though she would rather prefer to be left alone. suddenly her life is about to take a turn when one unexpected call brings back the ghosts of her past.
the minute i started reading this novel, i knew i was going to have a hard time setting it aside. author Lia Fairchild has written a book that allowed me to experience vicariously what her main protagonist had to go through on her journey of self-discovery and healing.
i find Lucy quite complex yet so endearing and real. she draws strength from her emotional turmoil and soaks it up with alcohol. she builds walls around her to protect herself from getting hurt further but ironically it is these same barriers that entrap her. people see her goodness and potential but Lucy's mind is clouded by negativity and her snide retorts are commonplace when she lets her tongue loose. when her sister Katie needs her help after years of silence, Lucy's "maternal" instincts take over but she still remains stubborn and spiteful most of the time. the steps she took to break free of her self-imposed prison were not easy but she managed to do them slowly and surely.
this book has touched me in more ways than one. a lot of personal memories surfaced in my mind during the latter part of Lucy's journey. honestly, i could not help but shed some tears. i wept for what could have been and for people now gone...
in losing a part of herself - literally and figuratively, Lucy once again found what she was looking for. her story also reminded me that there is no going back. there is only moving forward and the choice to do so is mine alone.