Paper Woman - Suzanne Adair
"Let justice be done though the heavens should fall." - John Adams in a letter in 1777

June 1780. in the Georgia frontier town of Alston, Sophia Elizabeth Barton nee St. James helps her father Will run his printing business.the patriarch, though, is opposed to the British colonists and he uses his printing press to print broadsides featuring atrocities allegedly committed by the redcoats. Will and two others later turn up dead. Sophie resolves to learn the truth about his father's murder and who was or were responsible. together with her brother David, Mathias Hale and Jacques le Coeuvre, she sets out on a journey that takes her to Florida and as far as Havana, Cuba.
this fast-paced fictional account of what could have happened to a handful of Americans during the Revolutionary War is well-researched and written. Suzanne Adair's novel has the elements of a thriller, murder mystery, adventure and international espionage combined. she has captured the language and sentiments of a turbulent period with rich detail and with well fleshed out characters especially Sophie, the main protagonist.
twists and surprises along the way make this a gripping read. history buffs and fans of historical fiction will surely enjoy this book which won the Patrick D. Smith Literature Award.