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Horror. Fantasy. Sci-Fi. Dark Romance. Bizarro. Coming-of-Age. Contemporary. Strange. Since 2007, Kody Boye has been making the world strange one story at a time. In this ongoing collection of short fiction, experience love gone wrong, individuals driven to the brink of insanity, hope found in unlikely places, fantasy become real and so much more. Download once and get automatic updates!
A tremble in the dark. A lover in the night. A whisper in your ear and a hand against your back. You may think you're alone, but you never are. In this collection of stories, Kody Boye takes you on a journey toward the dark side of love--and how some's interpretation may be completely unlike what you'd expect.
After waking from a night terror in which Mary Matthews is visited by something that claims she will save its world, she goes to school the next day thinking nothing of it—until she stumbles upon the entrance to a horrific alternative universe. Trapped inside, she can do nothing but hope, by the graces not allowed to her, that she can survive the monstrosity that is Wraethworld.
A life on the streets has always led Dakota to danger. After being brutally beaten and raped, he is left for dead. Saved by the kindness of a psychologist, he is offered the chance of home, but at a cost. For each day he wishes to stay, Dakota must write about his journey--his thoughts, his feelings, and ultimately, his plans for the future.
except for Amorous Things, the other three titles are free as well at Amazon (as of this posting)