As promised, these are the sites that I have won from in the past. As I go through my emails I am sure I will find more. Everyone knows Goodreads and Librarything so I am not going to bother linking those sites. 

I have had great luck here and won at least 5 books this year. And the sign up process is pretty easy, sign up for newsletter and link to fgiveaways that way and all your info will be automatically put in.

These are young adult. My girls let me know which ones to sign up for. Won 3 this year.

Once you fill out the form and sign up for newsletter, which is great, your info stays filled in and signing up is a breeze.


There is more to come. There are a lot to sign up for on these sites right now. Two of them start new giveaways every month. Sorry it took so long to get posted. My laptop ran away and my router was being a bitch this week.


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