Feast of Fates (Four Feasts Till Darkness) (Volume 1) - Christian A. Brown

after countless seasons of relative peace and quiet, the winds of change have gathered over Central Geadhain. a tempest is brewing unlike any other. soon, it will unleash its fury over the whole land and the fates of a thousand lives will never be the same ever again.

Feast of Fates is a veritable feast for the senses. i had so much pleasure reading this book and i took my time savoring it as much as i could. this dark literary fantasy went way beyond my expectations.

Christian A. Brown is an exceptional writer. he is a new author for me and i consider him among those who can write well and deliver a story with equal aplomb. his fertile imagination has created a spellbinding masterpiece of fiction.

the writing was perfection - from the wordbuilding to the world and the characters he has created. i saw a master wordsmith at work, comfortable with the nuances of the English language and he made good use of this ability to convey his narrative. poetry and prose blend at every turn of a phrase. details of Central Geadhain - its geography, denizens, flora and fauna including creatures benevolent and foul conjured vivid images in my mind as i read along.

from the get go, surprises are in store for the reader. as answers to questions and mysteries are slowly revealed, they only give way to more surprises and mysteries. this multi-layered approach worked well for me and i was drawn deeper into the story because of it.

i wanted to point out a few details about the plot and its characters but i hardly know where and how to begin. even if i did so, i feel that it would be denying other readers the pleasure of reading this book and discovering for themselves what it is all about. however, i will allow myself to say this though - there is magik, witchcraft, sword and sorcery, intrigue, mystery, romance, adventure and then some all rolled into one mesmerizing tale.

this novel of epic proportions is one of the best books i have read so far this year and Feast of Fates is only the first book in the Four Feasts Till Darkness series. i am almost done with the second book, Feast of Dreams. it is turning out to be as good as the first but that is another story to blog about.

in the meantime,  if you love a well-written fantasy and are up for adventure and more in your next read,  this is a book you should not miss!



*i received a copy for review

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