Sock Poppet at Play's 2015 Read-By-the-Month Reading Challenge for September was to read a book:

1. with school as a setting.
2. about the beginning of something (new school, new job, new marriage).
3. about teaching, teachers.
4. where a character learns a new skill.


the first book i read and reviewed for September answered all 4 prompts:

Picture (Im)perfect - J.S. Frankel 

1 - two senior high school students from different schools and both are in the swimming teams
2 - these two fell in love so it was the beginning of a new relationship especially for the girl. it was her first time to be involved with someone.
3- although it didn't really focus much on the teachers, they were there in the background and it was towards the end of the book that the guy's Sociology teacher and his Coach helped turn things around for our MC
4 - our boy MC learns a new skill - people skills (more understanding/acceptance of the diversity of the human species [e.g. the LGBTQIA community], etc)


this book fit prompt 2 to a tee:
  An Iranian Metamorphosis - Mana Neyestani  

An Iranian Metamorphosis is a graphic novel based on the author's imprisonment and his escape to freedom. now in France, he begins a new life in a new country with his wife.


this short ebook answered prompt 4:

Prize Bucks - Matthew Keville 

a police officer discovers something about the case he's working on. he now must learn to hone his "deception" skills if he wants to keep innocent lives safe and maintain his sanity on the job


these three books answered prompts 1, 2 and 4:

Sam Dorsey And His Sixteen Candles (Sam Dorsey And Gay Popcorn) (Volume 1) - Perie Wolford,Michelle Doering  Sam Dorsey And His Dirty Dancing (Book 2 in Sam Dorsey And Gay Popcorn series) - Perie Wolford,Michelle Doering  Sam Dorsey And His First Days In College (Book 3.1 in Sam Dorsey And Gay Popcorn series) - Perie Wolford,Adriana D'Apolito  

this YA coming-of-age series is about gay teen Sam Dorsey who seems to have a 'birthday curse' attached to him as far as he can remember:

1- Sixteen Candles and First Days in College tell of his adventures and misadventures in high school and college respectively

2 - something new happens to our MC in all three books like he falls in love twice, gets a new job waiting on tables, etc. at a resort

4 - waiting on tables at a resort requires skills in taking orders, remembering who gets who and maneuvering dishes from the kitchen to the dining hall and vice-versa


this was a great challenge and i loved it that i was able to answer all four prompts!


October's challenge is about thrills and chills and i need to find something:

1 ~ with characters disguised in some way.
2 ~ i have to read with the lights on.
3 ~ with characters who are scared or scaring someone else.
4 ~ with character, setting, or theme that will thrill me to my toes.


i already have a couple lined up and will be looking for more!