Shadows In Savannah - Lissa Matthews

“Savannah is so beautiful that the dead never truly depart.” - James Caskey, Haunted Savannah: America's Most Spectral City

Dane looks forward to his human birthday. that date is the only day in the year that he and others like him who were unwillingly turned can live and die as a human. after 126 years, Dane feels he is ready and makes preparations for his mortal death until he meets the dark and handsome vampire Jorge...

this Wicked Tale takes place within the shadows of Savannah where there lies a world teeming with creatures that remain mostly hidden unless they choose to make themselves known. Dane, the main protagonist, prefers to mingle with humans rather than be with his kind. he is a creature of conflict - appreciative of his vampiric abilities yet yearning to be human at the same time. this desire has its roots in the past - a past which remains obscure to him when he became a vampire. he also wants to die. it is a dilemma that vampires like Jorge who were turned willingly do not have nor even consider.

from the get-go, the reader learns about Dane's quandary. his internal monologues are poignant as he ponders his existence. he is quite an endearing fellow and i liked how the author presented and developed his persona. Jorge, on the other hand, is Dane's opposite. he thrives more in the shadows and has no qualms being a vampire. older and more experienced, he understands all too well what Dane is facing. only one thing is common between them - the deep attraction they have for each other. however, this becomes another predicament as Dane's human birthday approaches. will Dane still choose to die now that he has finally found Jorge?

how this issue was resolved in the end was so simple and logical that it was just one of the many ideas in the book that i found interesting and fresh and i enjoyed reading about.

author Lissa Matthews did a great job with her story. the writing was excellent, the pacing was steady, the worldbuilding was just right and the plot kept me reading until i was done in less than an hour!

the book may have been short in length but it was nonetheless packed with goodness from cover to cover.



*received a copy for review